Previously, I dreamed of a huge wedding, where I could invite all relatives and friends. But all the stereotypes of the usual wedding were broken and we decided to be alone, only us and our feelings. And obviously, the only country that could awake the right feelings is Italy! Country of eternal love and a source of romantic legends!

I have never imagined myself like a traditional bride: in pompous dress, similar to a cake, with a high hair and bright makeup. I always wanted this day to be light, cheerful and sunny.

We began the preparation for the wedding about six months before. And, of course, like all newlyweds, we wanted a "Dream Wedding". That’s why we chose very seriously all wedding professionals. The first with whom we wanted to work was the wedding agency. We compared several options and we chose the WeddItaly wedding agency. Their approach to organizing weddings has completely coincided with our ideal thought- to be stylishly and beautiful.

The most exciting is to create and develop your own unique style and individual concept. When the girls from WeddItaly suggested organizing a wedding in the style of James Bond - we agreed at once! The wedding concept is fully reflected our relationship. In our family, Eugene is courageous and strong and I am gentle and delicate.

The place of the ceremony was Lake Como. This mix of romance, history, scenic beauty makes it so charming that even celebrities go crazy =) Lake Como is a love at first sight, it is place where we said "YES" to each other.

Our wedding was in a classic style, where we added the romanticism of our couple. The basis of color palette was pastel shades, the main color was white, which is associated with tenderness and light. We chose a bouquet in white color with the white pearls. We wanted to show that you should not worry if you have a traditional white wedding dress because then you could choose a bouquet of colored flowers. All the beauty is in you, in your emotions and feelings, do not worry about anything!

Our morning began with the sun. After waking up, we had breakfast together, met the organizer with her team, switched on the music and started the preparations. On the wedding day, the only worry was when we were saying the most important words to each other – vows. Then the fairytale continued with a boat trip and photo session. The evening finished with a beautiful dinner in the restaurant with a panoramic view of Lake Como.

Our wedding was the day before leaving to Russia, before this day that we just relaxed and were full of the romantic mood of Italy. Many couples usually organize a wedding and then go for the honeymoon, but you know, we had an unspeakable pleasure, being under the euphoria of a romantic mood to make the final of our trip - a wedding for only two of us. We took this mood back home, and every day my husband says to me: "I felt in love with you again," this is more than all wealth of the world.

You can say many words, but when I look into his eyes, I don’t need any words... I'm ready to review videos and photos endlessly to have these emotions again and again. Of course, I would like to advise to all newlyweds not to skimp for such an event, but I understand that it is not so simple. Look for reliable and trustworthy contractors, take a wedding organizer who will coordinate you, share your experience with you and will solve all problems. In that way You have only to relax and enjoy every minute, even a second, every moment, because this day passes so quickly...


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