Who is our ideal client?

Our couples come from all over the world to enjoy not only the beautiful landscape of lake Como, but also to make a wedding in a culturally rich place full of art and history.

How much does it cost to get married on lake Como compared to other regions of Italy?

It’s difficult to compare because the cost of a wedding always depends on various factors. Each region, location, and supplier has its own price list. You also need to consider the number of guests, the month of the wedding, all your needs and wishes. Your main expenses will be: location of the ceremony, the place of the wedding reception/catering, decoration and entertainment.

Do you work alone?

We are convinced that the success of any event is a great team job. As a wedding planner, I organize and control the whole preparation process and I will be present on your wedding day. My leading managers are responsible for their own set of tasks, they will also have all the necessary information about the wedding and will be present on the event day. Every person in our team plays an important role to do their best and show you the best service. On the wedding day our team consists of 2-5 people, it depends on the complexity of the event.

Do you have a payment plan for your services?

We will start working on your wedding after confirming our services and paying a deposit of 30% of the contract amount. The remaining payments can be paid in installments throughout the planning process (all dates will be specified in the contract), and the rest of the money must be paid the day before the event.

How do I pay suppliers?

We prefer a transparency policy: you will pay directly to all vendors for their services after approving the estimates that we would provide to you. The payment is usually by bank transfer or in cash on the wedding day (the money must be exchanged in euro before the event ).

Do you only work with your own team of vendors?

We prefer to work with trusted suppliers, but if you want to invite your supplier, we won't mind. But it may happen that choosing one exactly location, this place only works with specific musicians or florists, which means that in this case there is no choice.

How often will we communicate with you and how do we communicate?

As soon as we start detailed preparations for your wedding, we will inform you about the progress of work, send you all offers from our suppliers and choose the best options for you. The main type of communication is email, so in this case we will have all the details written with the email themes, and nothing will be lost. And of course we will be happy to arrange a call if you have any questions.

Can you send us a list of locations so we can look at them?

Yes, of course, we will be happy to find suitable locations for you that will match your vision, style and budget, when we begin working with you on your wedding.

Do you only organize weddings on lake Como?

No, we organize weddings all over mainland Italy. Our travel expenses are always calculated in advance.

What additional fees should we pay?

If the wedding is on lake Como, then transport and accommodation costs are included in the price of our services. Extra charge will be only for hot meals (menu for staff) for all wedding managers who participate in your wedding. The cost of this meal is usually 50% (or less) than the cost of the menu for the guests.

Love notes

We chose Victoria and her team because of her professionalism from the very first email. She sent us a detailed proposal letter with many venues to choose from - it was as if she had already started the planning for us! Our wedding planner went above and beyond to schedule our day meticulously, and were there every moment of the big day to make sure everything ran smoothly. It was obvious - they love what they do and they are incredible at it.

Dasha & Chase

Wedding planner on lake Como. Italy

Love notes

My wedding planning from the UK was made so easy with Victoria who helped with every single part of it. No detail was left unturned and the wedding planners on the day were discreet but so professional and lovely. I’ve had so many amazing comments from guests who said they don’t think they will ever go to another wedding like it.

Sophie & Sean

Wedding planner on lake Como. Italy

Love notes

Victoria gave realistic advice re costings whilst helping to create a dream wedding that fitted our budget. We didn't visit the location (although we felt like we did as Victoria visited options for us and sent us pictures & videos, including of our wedding menu tastings). We initially didn't think we needed a wedding planner despite not speaking any Italian, but quickly realised how valuable Victoria was with her advice saving us money and time.

Kerri & Mathew

Wedding planner on lake Como. Italy

Love notes

I realized immediately that we thought in the same way. We were always in touch discussing the concept, locations and other details. And in the end we got the perfect plan for wedding. I need to mention my wedding planner’s time management competence. My wedding day was completely planed .All guest enjoyed every location and every moment without any stress or delay.

Jane & Stepan

Wedding planner on lake Como. Italy

Love notes

Three main characteristics of Victoria’s work are: preciseness, high competence, ability to understand desires of the couple and provide best options according to their needs. I had tons of questions to Victoria - she answered them very quickly and detailed, gave a lot of advices, and by the way not only regarding the wedding itself, but on honeymoon trip as well. That was total Italian support for the whole period of preparation and being in the country.

Anna & Dmitrii

Wedding planner on lake Como. Italy

Love notes

We immediately liked Victoria’s passion and operability she started to work with. We should also say that Victoria has become a “virtual” member of our family for almost 6 months before our wedding We were in a contact every day discussing all necessary details. After the wedding when we came back to the hotel, we told to each other “Yes, We did it”. And We did it at a very high level.

Elena & Dmitry

Wedding planner on lake Como. Italy

Love notes

She patiently offered us as many locations in accordance with our wishes as we wanted. She was willing to keep in touch with us at any time of day and night. The most important thing for us was that we never felt the distance that separated us , we trusted our day to Marry Me on Lake Como.

Yulia & Vitaly

Wedding planner on lake Como. Italy


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